How simple it is to be a wedding photographer ?

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Wedding Photography

You are probably reading this article about wedding photography for one of the two reasons.

  1. Either you are getting married and looking for a wedding photographer. In that case, Congratulations !!
  2. Or you are trying to understand, why you need a professional wedding photographer on your wedding?

Now for first reason, I don’t think I need to convince you as you and I already share the same views about wedding photography. It is a art and must be left to professional to deal with it, whilst you enjoy you blissful moments of wedding.

If you belong to the second camp, I need to explain why having a wedding photographer is very essential, I will even go to the length and say that I have photographed couples who compromised on wedding cakes and wedding decoration just to hire me. Not because I am super expensive, it is purely for the fact that wedding photographs will stay with you for rest of your life, whereas the taste of wedding cake and decoration will fade in matter of hours.

Now you can always argue, how can a photographer capture great wedding photos if the venue is not great or the decoration is not the best. Let me tell you one thing, which you may already know. Photography is a art. If it is about showing something, it is equally about hiding the details which are not that beautiful.

Now what do I mean by that, I certainly don’t mean photo editing and removing too much of details or unwanted details. I only mean using the camera and lighting to showcase the subject and hide the clutter.

During weddings, doesn’t matter how good of a planner you are, not all things go as per the plan. Not to mention that when the bride is getting ready, close friends and family want to have a sneak peak. Which means either too much going around bride, at least more than she had bargained for. At this stage you would thank yourself if you hired me as you wedding photographer. In few seconds I would make everything and every one disappear and put you right in the middle of picture which I am sure would love.

Look at the picture of Gee and I would leave it for you to think where this picture was taken. Few hints though :-

  1. No, Its not outside.
  2. No, She is not alone.
  3. Browse though my portfolio to find the answer

Wedding Photographer in Milton Keynes


I hope the above photo helps you with at least one reason, why during your wedding, hiring Magic Picture Photography is very essential. Reach out to me and lets have a quick chat.

Though I am based in Bedfordshire, I cover Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northampton, Milton Keynes, London and rest of the UK.