How to make sure you get the best professional Wedding Photographs

To make sure you get the best professional wedding photographs
Okay!! now you have followed my earlier top 10 tips for choosing the right wedding photographer, You are now sure that professional wedding photographer is going to capture the magical moments of your wedding and deliver pictures you can look back and cherish it for life. Are you really sure ? 



I am going to share a tip which you as a couple or wedding organiser may need to consider to make sure you get the best professional wedding photographs

With all the advancements in technology of today, and the huge increase of people on social media, cell phones have now become a major problem at weddings. It has now come to the point where wedding guests have told me (the bride and groom’s hired photographer) that I am getting in the way of their shot. Also it has been increasingly more of a difficulty now to capture certain shots at specific key moments because of people blocking the good angles with their cell phone or tablet in the way. I have recently found a lot of brides and grooms these days opting for an “unplugged” wedding ceremony ie: no electronic devices allowed..

Wedding is all about love, sharing and celebrating the union to two individual, It’s amazing to see how many people would rather watch the wedding ceremony through their devices as they are recording than seeing and enjoying it live.

And it’s not just a nuisance: The proliferation of phones and even larger iPad and tablets at weddings is ruining the work of paid professionals who are tasked with capturing the perfect photos but all too often find themselves obstructed by aunts and uncles thrusting their devices in the air.

“The worst is when the bride comes down the aisle and People will jump in front, stretch their arm out. I can’t move out of position and tell them to move back!”

I guess by now you have figured out the tip, “Unplugged wedding” or simply put “Don’t allow the guests to use the phone during the wedding to make sure you get the best professional wedding photographs”.