Wedding Photography – Picture Perfect Posing

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Wedding Photography – Picture Perfect Posing

I have been thinking for a while to write about the topic of  “Wedding Photography – Picture Perfect Posing”. Now you must have read and heard photographers talk about their style of photographing weddings.  The one type which keeps coming again and again is “Photo journalist”, simply put it means that photographer is capturing the wedding as it unfolds. This is good, isn’t it ? Is it not why you hired a wedding photographer ?

Let me ask you a question, how many times you delete a picture where you don’t like the way you look? I am sure we all have done this. This bring me to the core of this topic. POSING. 

Photography is an ART

Fundamentals of photography involves understanding and mastering following concepts :-

  1. Exposure Triangle. As this article is not about exposure triangle, has a very nice articleabout it.
  2. Understanding light, either it is artifical light created using flash light or it is natural light.

Once you have mastered and applied these concepts to a photograph, it becomes a “technically” correct photograph. Not all technically photographs are ecstatically pleasing, they lack something, either it is :-

  1. Emotion or
  2. Expression or
  3. Posing

I have deliberately left posing in the last place as most of the wedding photographer, either don’t pay any attention to posing or apply incorrect rules of posing. Therefore a photograph which is technically correct and has emotions and expression may still fall short as your subconscious brain find a negative energy in the posing.  Posing is energy. There’s more to a pose than how it looks. Posing is a form of body language, and therefore, it emits a certain energy to the viewer. Just as words can be inviting or defensive, so can the energy produced by any pose.

Rules of posing ? There is not such thing as rules of posing. But why is that I write in the above paragraph “Incorrect rules of posing”.

Fine-art photographers such as Sylvie Blum have focused much of their work on contouring the human body in ways I never thought possible. Yet the end result is pretty amazing to see. So, if posing is so subjective, how is it possible to be able to wrap it up in a neat little package that I call a “rule”? The reason is that there are some universal techniques that make the human body look more relaxed and pleasant.

I pride myself being a photo journalist, however after years of practise and researching I have now created a method or art of posing. I am able to seamlessly incorporate my posing technique in every photograph (where possible) and preserve the emotions, expression and enhance posing and produce a photograph which is both technically correct and ecstatically beautiful and emits the right energy.


The world famous and very renowned wedding photographer “Roberto Valenzuela” has written a book dedicated to posing. I think it can be very helpful to future bride-to-be or groom-to-be to read his book titled “PICTURE PERFECT POSING”.

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